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Alternative Energy Solutions Electronetix is part of the solution rather than the problem by helping organisations in Africa achieve lasting access to clean & renewable energy, energy efficiency and preservation of the environment

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Benefits of an Electronetix solar energy solution

ELECTRONETIX will assist you in avoiding the inconvenience caused by frequent ESKOM outages. (Load shedding). ELECTRONETIX will help you save on the costs of on-going maintenance as well as ESKOM’s planned tariff increases. The ELECTRONETIX solution can be rolled out quickly providing relief from day one. ELECTRONETIX offers a technical and financially feasible solution. The system is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. 

ELECTRONETX provides a solution that is capable of integrating multiple energy sources, and is also renewable energy orientated. Installations are ‘plug & play’, quick, safe and simple to conduct, saving time and costs immediately. ELECTRONETIX will Maintain, Monitor and Report.


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